Home Sellers Guide

Home Sellers Guide

Are you thinking about selling your home? 

Would you like to know how much your house is worth?

You can get help with both by contacting a Professional Agent at DANUSHI Real Estate. We can help you build a comprehensive analysis of your individual needs.

Your home presentation
This is your chance to get your home ready for the spotlight. There are a few things you can do to enhance your house and make it appeal to the potential buyer. As a rule you want the most pleasant features of your home to be emphasized and the least charming features to be concealed. You don’t want the buyer to feel like an intruder; you want him to imagine owning your home.
Your property agent will help you with additional tips that will boost your home’s appeal and impress potential buyers.
For your added convenience, DANUSHI Real Estate agents will link you directly with our partner companies who will provide you home improvement resources at a preferable rate.
Take advantage of the wide range of opportunities that DANUSHI Real Estate offers and contact us now!

Setting the price
When you compile a marketing plan you need to pay attention to setting the right price. As a seller, you want to earn as much as possible thus you have a tendency to set the price too high. However, that could scare the potential buyers away. DANUSHI Real Estate Professionals are trained to conduct a Market Comparative Analysis to study marketplace trends and evaluate the competition. A DANUSHI Real Estate Sales professional has the right tools to conduct a property evaluation by comparing prices of recently sold homes in the area, size of your house, condition of your house, desirable amenities, etc.

You might also need a formal written appraisal for your property and DANUSHI Real Estate agent can direct you to one of our Partner Appraisers who will work with you at a preferential price.

Negotiating your offer
The offer negotiation can be the most critical instance during the selling process of your house.This is the moment that bares the highest risqué level, since usually the absence of a small compromise between the parties involved in this process, can result in the buyers hesitation or even withdrawal from the process.
The DANUSHI Real Estate professional, being close to the buyers and sellers, possesses the right techniques to maintain the balance, and through the negotiation abilities he provides you with the best possible price.

Home Planner
Home Planner is one of the most practical means that will help you reorganize the internal structure of your house and also give a hand while you calculate your financial costs to improve your house in order to sell it at the best price.

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