The Coastline Project of Vlora. XDGA Studio from Belgium, represented by Xaveer de Geyter was declared the winner.

Took place the finals of the international competition for the coastline of Vlora city. In this competition participated 96 projects.

The winning project was announced, the studio project from Belgium XDGA, represented by Xaveer de Geyter. This project was launched by an international jury.

This project marks the major step towards, Vlora of the new century. Vlora is a beautiful country which is recognized as one of the most beautiful gates of the Mediterranean. This project will give life to the coastline of Vlora, will be an example to be followed in other cities. Just a design company will win, but at the same time everyone else with their ideas would have given an extraordinary help.

The first phase of the competition ended by an international jury selecting the 5 best proposals, among 45 proposals submitted. Five selected proposals, presented in Vlora, their projects before the International Jury and the citizens of Vlora.

The selectees, who will present their own proposals to the public of Vlora, were:

L’AUC Paris, represented by Djamel Klouche, France

DOGMA, represented by Martino Tattara, Belgium – Italy

HFF, represented by Simon Hartmann, Switzerland

AFTER, represented by Matthias Bauer, Germany

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