Albania- Traditional stone villa for rent in Old Qeparo village

Albania- Traditional stone villa for rent in Old Qeparo village
Reconstructed and brought in its origin of year 1800, from property Danushi Real Estate & Rental in May 2013. Old Qeparo is a unic ancient village situated on the western slope of Mount Gjivlash, at about 450 metres (1,480 ft) above sea level. Overlooking the sea and Qeparo bay the village gives the impression of a castle
Old Qeparo has cultivated olives for centuries, as mentioned in early 19th century in the work of François Pouqueville, Napoleon Bonaparte’s general consul at the court of Ali Pasha in Ioannina testimony to this, are some centennial olive trees still existing in the village. The Porto Palermo Castle, built by Ali Pasha, in early 19th century, is part of the territory of Qeparo.

Villa Old Qeparo is perfect for family or friends travelling together because it accommodates up to 4 persons in the 2 bedrooms in the first floor and a large lounge, an open kitchen with two traditional chimneys in the second floor with panoramic view of the sea.


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