Albania sets up Coastal Agency

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Albania’s Council of Ministers approved, with the proposal of the Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism, the creation of the National Agency Coast.

The decision gives another burst initiatives taken by the Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism, aimed at protecting the natural resources of the coastal area and promoting the country as a tourist destination says the Minister of Tourism and Urban Development.

Coastal National Agency will extend its operations across the coastal belt of the Republic of Albania, revealed generation of National Territorial Council as an area of ​​national importance.
The Agency will be held in the Director General, in the central and four regional branches. Coastal National Agency will have 30 employees and costs will be covered by the budget of the ministry.
The objectives of the activity of this agency are:
-Protection and sustainable development of the coastal zone;
-Implementation of policies and strategies for integrated management of the coastal zone;
Coordination-related programs in this area;
– Encourage investments in the area. Government

Business News Correspondent – 24.01.2014

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